Beach Sofa Bed (Sand)


A unique sofa bed that will leave a lasting impression. The Beach sofa evokes a sense of bohemian at home with its unique design. This sofa quickly and easily transforms into a super comfy full size double bed, turning the living room into a bedroom. Carefully crafted out of solid timber this timeless piece is ideal for a soft and natural look at home.

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Dimensions sofa (W x D x H):

206 x 97 x 79 cm

Dimensions bed (W x D x H):

206 x 138 x 42 cm

Care instructions:

Lightly vacuum for general maintenance. Soak up stains by blotting with a damp cloth – do not rub in stains.

Additional Information:

For general maintenance wipe with a damp clean cloth. Our furniture pieces have a clear lacquer finish on the oak timber. This can tolerate the heat from coffee cups and dinner plates, anything hotter can mark the timber. As a general rule of thumb, if something is too hot to hold, it is too hot to place on timber. The lacquer is also water resistant, however all lacquer finishes may be susceptible to water damage. Don’t leave moisture on the sofa’s surface, otherwise liquid may seep through the lacquer and damage the timber below. Avoid placing your furniture outside, in direct sunlight, or in heavily airconditioned areas.

Additional information

Weight 57 kg
Dimensions 192 x 59 x 83 cm


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